Over the last twenty years, a lot has been said about credit reporting, its impact on consumers and how to obtain and keep a high score.  The bottom line is that credit reporting system is a tool that can be used against or for the consumer.  

It is probably impossible to avoid the necessity of a great credit score at key points in your life.  Home lenders, insurance agents, credit card companies and auto dealers use credit scores to establish your monthly payment and contract terms.  If you want advantageous rates and terms, you will have to tackle the credit reporting system.

In the eyes of a creditor, the higher your credit score, the more likely you are to pay in accordance with your contract terms. So, how do you recover from hardship or past financial mistakes so that you can improve your credit score?  

The law governing the credit reporting system allows consumers to dispute inaccurate information and requires creditors to prove the information they are reporting.  The purpose of law is to create checks and balances on the system and to protect consumers from inaccurate reporting.

Law Offices of Sasha Katz is your survival guide to navigating the credit repair process. We deliver easy step-by-step instructions along with intuitive web tools designed to get your credit repair letters through the red tape.  

We don’t stop there.  Through attorney review of your credit report, we will help you create a strategy to increase your score over time.  Years of experience has allowed us to create a tiered system of tackling credit score and debt issues that delivers results.  Contact us for a free consultation including credit report review.